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We are happy to announce the launch of our new mobile website. Imperial Web Solutions mobile site is accessible here –

A mobile site in this day and age is a vital marketing tool for every business. A vast majority of online searches and web activity is conducted through mobile devices.

Our team at Imperial Web Solutions encourages all businesses to embrace mobile and develop a mobile presence.  More people are using mobile devices for every day computing needs. Your marketing assets need to focus where it matters and going mobile now is a strategy that will ensure that your company stays relevant and keeps growing.

Contact Imperial Web Solutions and speak to a project manager to help your business go mobile today. The statistics of commerce, search and internet use all point to a future where mobile is the primary platform of use.

The time to go mobile is now and Imperial Web Solutions can help!

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Remarketing Strategies that Produce Results

Remarketing is the reintroduction of your website to previous visitors so they may return to your site and complete a purchase. It allows you to turn eCommerce cart abandonments into sales, increase your brand awareness & promote better visitor engagement.

Here are three remarketing tactics that will produce results for your company’s numbers.

Set realistic goals

Measurable, realistic goals will help you determine what remarketing strategies to use. Goals may include an increase in sales or improving the conversion rate of visitors into new customers. Research your target market and become more acquainted with their needs. That way, you will know what products to offer,  improvements to make to your website or how to word your ads.

Segment your audience

Segmenting your audience means determining their needs when they browsed your website. You can gauge this by establishing your website’s metrics. The metrics will record information like the number of people who searched for certain products or abandoned their shopping carts. This information will give you an idea of the demographics to remarket to later.

Cap the ad displays

Control how often you show your ads to a demographic. Ad overexposure will turn visitors away from your website, thus reducing traffic and your eCommerce conversion rate. Establish the maximum number of ad presentations in a day and even the ad content. That way, there is no risk of children and teenagers seeing ads they shouldn’t see.

Imperial Web Solutions can drive your business by offering customized internet marketing services that fit your budget and needs. This includes: effective PPC campaign set-up and management, organic SEO, social media marketing, blogging and content optimization, video and press release submission and much more. Call us at 1866.941.1932 for a quote.

Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics

If your eCommerce website is not generating as much revenue as it should, perhaps it’s time to review your eCommerce conversion optimization tactics. Below are a few tactics to improve your online sales numbers.

Invite your audience

First time visitors to your online store may feel overwhelmed if there design or navigation does not guide them to take action.  The first rule to eCommerce optimization is creating a user friendly interface. Choosing a design layout and colors that appeal to your target customers is critical. You must ensure that the focal point of the design is what you are selling. The product should stand out in every way. For example have large and clear product images, simple but detailed description and specs. Also make sure that all call to action buttons or banners are clearly visible. Setting up an introduction video is a great way to welcome potential buyers. They will feel more at ease. Present them with an incentive for them to shop with your company, like a first-time visitor coupon.

Remind visitors of their “abandoned carts”

According to the Baymard Institute, an average of 67.86% of online shoppers abandon their ecommerce carts. Set up your eCommerce to email or text a reminder to the customer to finish their transaction. You can also remind them of the unpurchased products added to cart from their last visits. If you have a pay per click campaign, implementing remarketing campaigns will help bring back previous visitors.

Leveraging social media

56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site. You can leverage social media traffic by allowing users to login and make purchases from your eCommerce website using their social profile login credentials. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other popular social networking platforms provide a login API. This allows you to fetch information from their social profiles instead of forcing them to fill out a long registration form. You can also provide them options to review and share products they have purchased from your website.

Stay in touch with visitors

Email and newsletter lists can keep your target audience in the loop with company and the latest available products and specials. Over time, this will prompt their desire to buy from your online store.

Imperial Web Solutions will develop or recommend the most optimized process that will guarantee your success. We examine your entire web store and identify all areas of improvement to make the shopping experience faster and produce quick sales conversions. Request a free quote today. Call 1.866.941.1932.